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Learn how to negotiate. Whether you are an experienced businessperson searching for new negotiating strategies, tactics, and tips or you are a beginner searching for proper negotiating fundamentals, then the Power Negotiator Toolkit is the ideal bundled negotiation training course and solution for you – available in downloadable MP3 and Audio and Data CD formats.

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Learn How to Negotiate and Improve Your Negotiating Skills!
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Being a good negotiator is an essential life skill. You negotiate every day, in your personal life, in your social life, and especially in your business life. Learn how to negotiate successfully to improve business results and outcomes. The Power Negotiator Toolkit provides everything you need in a negotiation training course.

Benefit from learning proven Secrets of Power Negotiating® moneymaking strategies, tactics, and tips from leading negotiating expert Michael E. Sloopka.

Buy now and get the help you need to improve your sales negotiations, purchasing negotiations, and contract negotiations. Learn how to negotiate successfully in business, as well as in all your personal negotiations.

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“Since first being exposed to Michael's proven negotiating strategies and tips at a large Entrepreneurs’ Organization conference, we hired him to speak to our EO Chapter in Vancouver. Since then, our company has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars as a direct result of learning and applying Michael’s proven methodology and negotiating techniques.”

Steve Berezan, President, Berezan Enterprises, EO Vancouver Learning Chair

“I purchased the Power Negotiating Toolkit to improve my negotiating skills in my business life. I was amazed about the instant results in certain situations and even more amazed when I used the methodology in my personal life.  This is the best product on the market. Better results and outcomes are guaranteed every time!”

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