Business Negotiation Training CoursesThe Power Negotiator Toolkit program was developed for companies that do not have the necessary budget available to have® conduct a tailored in-house presentation, seminar, or learning workshop for members of their organization – yet face increasingly difficult internal and external negotiating challenges with customers, clients, and suppliers.  Even sending one employee to a public negotiation training program can cost thousands of dollars in tuition fees, travel costs, and reimbursement for applicable out-of-pocket expenses. 

Everyone in your organization – from senior management, sales, marketing, and customer service personnel to purchasing, operations, manufacturing, and cross-functional personnel – can become better negotiators by receiving his or her personal copy of the Power Negotiator Toolkit.

We want to make the purchase of the Power Negotiator Toolkit easy and cost-effective for your company.  Purchase either the MP3 downloadable version or the Audio and Data CDs in bulk quantities and receive an attractive volume-based discount.  We also have an attractive master license program available for companies that wish to purchase 15 or more of the toolkits.  The one-time master license fee depends on the number of toolkits.  Contact Michael E. Sloopka now to negotiate pricing for the one-time license fee.

Special Discount Bulk Pricing

Number of Toolkits Price Per Toolkit
3 to 5 - MP3 Version $49.95 each
6 to 9 - MP3 Version $44.95 each
10 to 14 - MP3 Version $41.94 each
15 or more a one-time bulk license fee
3 to 5 - Physical CDs $59.95 each
6 to 9 - Physical CDs $54.95 each
10 to 14 - Physical CDs $51.94 each
15 or more a one-time bulk license fee

Learn Practical Moneymaking and Money-saving Negotiating Tips