Special Bulk Purchase Pricing

Our Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program was developed for companies that do not have the necessary budget available to have negotiatingcoach.com® conduct a tailored in-house presentation, seminar, or learning workshop for members of their organization – yet face increasingly difficult internal and external negotiating challenges with customers, clients, and suppliers.  Even sending one employee to a public negotiating training program can cost thousands of dollars in tuition fees, travel costs, and reimbursement for applicable out-of-pocket expenses.  

Everyone in your organization – from senior management, sales, marketing, and customer service personnel to purchasing, operations, manufacturing, and cross-functional personnel – can benefit from receiving his or her own personal copy of the Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program. 

Purchase the Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program in bulk quantities and receive an attractive volume-based discount – no negotiating required.  Contact Michael E. Sloopka at michael@sloopka.com to discuss a Win-Win solution and outcome for your company and employees.

Improve Your Negotiating Skills and Achieve Greater Success