Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program available in any other language?
The Audio Learning Program is currently available only in English.  

What currency do I pay when I purchase the Power Negotiator Toolkit?
The Toolkit is purchased in US currency.  No other currency payment options are currently available. 

Do you accept major credit cards?
We accept all major forms of credit cards that are listed on our online store website’s checkout page.

How much do you charge for handling and shipping?
Charges for shipping rates are based on the location of the shipping address.  We charge a nominal fee for packaging and handling that is included in one, flat rate shipping cost.   We do not mark up the handling and shipping fees.  

Where do you ship your product?
We ship the Toolkit to most major locations in the world.  Customers are responsible for all packaging, shipping, and handling costs to international shipping destinations.  For immediate delivery and saving of the handling and shipping costs, you can order the MP3 version of the Power Negotiator Toolkit.

Do I have to pay duty, customs, and/or brokerage fees when the Power Negotiator Toolkit is shipped to the United States or international countries?
Customers are responsible for paying any and all applicable duty, customs, and/or brokerage fees that may apply to purchases and shipments of the Toolkit to their local jurisdiction.  We do not charge for duty, customs, and/or brokerage fees when you place your order.  There are no duty, customs, and/or brokerage fees charged for the MP3 downloadable version of the Toolkit.  

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Depending on your shipping destination, your order can take up to 10 business days to arrive. Shipments to major cities may arrive much faster.  Please allow up to 10 business days for shipment.  If you wish to receive your Power Negotiator Toolkit immediately, then you can order the MP3 downloadable version.

Can I download the MP3 version of the Power Negotiator Toolkit directly onto my iPhone, iPad, or Tablet?
The downloadable MP3 version of the Toolkit will be sent to you in a .Zip file format from FetchApp.  You will not be able to download this Toolkit onto your device without a suitable app – or a method that allows you to unzip the downloaded file.  We recommend that you download the Toolkit onto a desktop or laptop computer in order to avoid any potential issues with the download and then transfer the content onto your mobile device(s) using iTunes or Windows media player. You can also check out the iTunes app store for potential apps such as the following:

How can I track my order?
Once your order has been processed via our online store, UPS or ARAMEX will send you an e-mail confirmation that will contain the shipping details and a tracking number for your order.  By “clicking” on the tracking number contained in the e-mail, you can track the progress and status of your order.  Deliveries may require your signature.  If you are not at the delivery location to sign for your order, you will need to contact UPS or ARAMEX to make arrangements to receive or pick up your order.  On international orders, ARAMEX may call the customer to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for delivery.  

Can I purchase the Power Negotiator Toolkit through other online retailers, distributors, and resellers?
Currently, you can purchase the Toolkit only via our online store.  We are finalizing arrangements to have the Toolkit sold on and, as well as on the iTunes store.  

Can I purchase one Toolkit and share the Audio Learning Program with all my employees?
The purchase of one Power Negotiator Toolkit includes one license for one person.  We appreciate that you would like the Toolkit so much that you would want to share it.  Unauthorized duplication or uploading to third-party websites is a violation of numerous copyright laws.  If you wish to share the content, we encourage you to contact us to discuss cost-effective volume discounts and/or a one-time licensing fee that will help to discourage illegal duplication and use of copyright material.  

How can I legally purchase more than 15 licenses so that I can provide one Power Negotiator Toolkit for each of my employees? 
If you wish to purchase a license for more than 15 copies of the Toolkit, then please contact Michael E. Sloopka via e-mail at to discuss additional volume discounts and cost-effective licensing options. 

If I am having trouble downloading the MP3 version of the Power Negotiator Toolkit, what do I do?  
We use Shopify’s state-of-the-art and very reliable Fetchapp download application software to process orders for MP3 downloads of the Toolkit.  Should you encounter any difficulty downloading the MP3 version of the Power Negotiator Toolkit, please visit this website for assistance and information.

Does Michael E. Sloopka do in-house presentations, seminars, and learning workshops for companies and associations? 
Michael provides his tailored Secrets of Power Negotiating® programs to companies and associations around the world.  Please click on this link and visit our website to learn more about our programs:  You can also contact Michael via e-mail at to discuss your company’s or association’s requirements.  

Does® organize and conduct public seminars and learning workshops?  
We currently do not conduct public seminars and learning workshops.

Does Michael E. Sloopka offer negotiating consulting and coaching services?
Michael provides negotiating consulting and coaching services and expertise to organizations, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.  Visit our website at to learn more about our negotiating consulting and coaching services.  Also, e-mail Michael at to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer an affiliate program for the resale of the Power Negotiator Toolkit?
We are interested in pursuing opportunities for the resale of the Toolkit through an affiliate program with applicable trainers, consultants, and resellers.  We also offer an attractive commission program for all referrals that result in bulk sales of the Toolkit.  Contact Michael E. Sloopka at to discuss your interest in our affiliate program. 

Do you offer a refund if I am not satisfied with my purchase of the Power Negotiator Toolkit?  
We do not offer a refund on the purchase of the Toolkit.  However, we offer a full replacement for the physical Audio and Data CDs if there is a problem with the technical performance of the Audio and/or Data CDs or if the CDs arrive damaged.  In order to qualify for the replacement program, the damaged CDs must be returned in their original packaging to Selling Solutions Inc., 304 Stone Road West, Suite 715, Guelph, Ontario, Canada  N1G 4W4.  Purchasers are responsible for payment of all shipping costs on all returns.  Once received, we will replace the damaged CDs and ship the new ones to you.