The Power Negotiator Toolkit is produced in Canada, and the CDs are also duplicated in Canada.  The Toolkit’s components are packaged in a white outer box that contains a postcard note from Michael E. Sloopka providing purchasers with some important recommendations and suggestions for effectively using it.  The Toolkit is shipped from our fulfillment provider located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.® uses UPS standard ground shipping services for shipments of the Toolkit to Canada and the United States, which contain the physical Audio and Data CDs.® uses ARAMEX for all international shipments.  ARAMEX is more cost-effective for international shipments.   You can expect to receive the Toolkit within 10 business days for all Canadian, American, and international destinations.  

Your Credit Card Statement and Billing

You credit card statement will show a charge for the purchase of the Power Negotiator Toolkit from Selling Solutions Inc., which is the legal corporation that owns and operates®.