®, a division of Selling Solutions Inc., is an internationally recognized negotiating skills training and consulting and coaching firm that specializes in teaching negotiating skills and the decision-making dynamics that affect negotiation outcomes.  
Since 1995, we have been a proven solution provider and the benchmark for providing high return-on-investment negotiation solutions, ranging from our negotiating skills training programs to complex organization-wide negotiation initiatives.® provides tailored presentations, seminars, learning workshops, and consulting and coaching solutions to companies and to industry, trade, and peer-to-peer associations around the world.® has helped hundreds of corporate clients and individuals develop a common approach to the process of negotiating.  We have provided our expertise in over 27 different countries, across a diverse group of industries, and have taught tens of thousands of people how to negotiate more effectively –and have added hundreds of millions of dollars to our collective clients’ bottom lines.  

Meet Negotiating Coach® Michael E. Sloopka

Michael is the Founder and President of® and Selling Solutions Inc., based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and Reno, Nevada, United States.  Known as the Negotiating Coach®, Michael is an internationally recognized negotiating expert, highly rated professional speaker, negotiating skills training consultant, coach, and author.  He is also a leading expert in diagnosing selling and buying behaviour and the decision-making dynamics that directly affect the outcome of a negotiation, as well as teaching persuasive proposal development.   
Michael conducts tailored, engaging, and impactful presentations, seminars, and learning workshops on various negotiating and sales topics for organizations and associations around the globe.  Michael assists organizations by joining their team for specific negotiating projects or by training members of their organization to negotiate more effectively to improve performance, business results, profitability, and outcomes.
Michael is the creator of the Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program and has personally studio-recorded the audio content in digital format.  

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