The Company®, a division of Selling Solutions Inc., is an internationally recognized training, consulting, and coaching firm that specializes in providing negotiation skills training.® provides negotiating products, tools, executive presentations, half-day seminars, one-day seminars, learning workshops, and consulting and coaching solutions to corporations, industry, trade, peer-to-peer associations, and high net worth individuals throughout the world.

We are a proven solution provider and the benchmark for providing high return-on-investment negotiation solutions, ranging from our negotiation training programs to complex organization-wide negotiation initiatives.

We use our proprietary, results-based Secrets of Power Negotiating® process, methodology, strategies, tactics, techniques, tips, and supporting tools to help members of organizations and associations and individuals improve organizational and personal performance, business results, and profitability in their personal and business negotiations.® has helped hundreds of corporate clients develop a common approach to negotiating – a corporate initiative that is effective, results-based, and that can provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Offering more than 25 years of successful negotiation experience and expertise in sales, marketing, purchasing, distribution, and consulting – from small businesses to multinational corporations, from personal transactions to multimillion-dollar extended supply agreements and contracts –® has added hundreds of millions of dollars to its clients' collective bottom line through effective negotiation training, consulting, coaching, and negotiation facilitation. 

Highly sought-after negotiating expert Michael E. Sloopka has personally taught tens of thousands of individuals proven negotiation skills, strategies, tactics, techniques, and tips to optimize their outcomes.  Michael has been actively involved in the development of the Power Negotiator Toolkit components and has personally recorded the audio content in digital format.  The Toolkit does not contain the typical low-quality recordings and dubs from a live presentation.  Thousands of dollars have been invested in the development of the Power Negotiator Toolkit.

Improve Your Negotiating Skills and Achieve Greater Success