Secrets of Power Negotiating® Learning Program MP3 Files

Digitally Recorded – approximately 319 minutes in duration 


This is a "must have" if you want to become a Power Negotiator.  Learn the most effective negotiating skills, negotiating secrets, negotiating strategies, negotiating tactics, negotiating techniques, and tips from negotiation expert Michael E. Sloopka on his studio-recorded Power Negotiator Tookit Audio Learning Program that includes almost 6 hours of proven negotiation strategies, negotiation tactics, and negotiation techniques to improve your negotiating skills. 

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced negotiator, you can benefit from negotiating skills training with this Audio Learning Program.  This advanced learning product is a "stand-alone" educational tool – you don’t need to attend one of our seminars or learning workshops in order to benefit from purchasing it. 

Plus, it contains advanced negotiation training material and content that time constraints do not allow us to cover in our standard seminars and learning workshops.  

Learn negotiating secrets at your own pace – while commuting in your car or on public transit, or while exercising, relaxing, or traveling, or while using a mobile device, laptop, iPad, or tablet.  This Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program is so comprehensive that you don’t need a companion workbook. 

By listening to the Audio Learning Program repeatedly and practicing, you’ll be able to:

  • learn a proven and powerful negotiating process and methodology.
  • be able to effectively prepare and plan for all negotiations.
  • learn five things you need to know about negotiating.
  • learn the five characteristics that make a good negotiator.
  • understand the three critical stages of every negotiation.
  • learn the three key factors that influence every negotiation.
  • learn how information, time, and personal power can influence every negotiation.
  • learn more about the effective use of key gambits and corresponding countergambits.
  • determine your personality type and corresponding negotiating style.
  • understand negotiating behavioural drives.
  • recognize when certain ploys are being used against you and know how to counter them.
  • learn more about unethical gambits and how to counter them.
  • learn how to manage problem negotiations.
  • discover the hallmarks of a Win-Win negotiation.
  • learn the basic negotiating principles that should apply to every negotiation.
  • start to become more confident and knowledgeable in any negotiating situation.

Improve Your Negotiating Skills and Achieve Greater Success  


Secrets of Power Negotiating® Key Verbal Phrases and Questioning Techniques

Audio ProgramDigitally Recorded – approximately 106 minutes in duration

Many participants and attendees at our seminars and workshops have heard some of our proven and effective key verbal phrases and questioning techniques presented during our programs and requested that Michael record them. 

This program contains over 106 minutes of Michael E. Sloopka’s "best practice" phrases, scripts, questioning techniques, insights, and tips.  It includes the "ultimate collection" of the most effective verbal phrases or scripts that you can learn, memorize, practice, and apply during your basic or advanced negotiation situations. 

In this program, Michael E. Sloopka will teach you exactly what to say and how to say it in order to help you optimize your results and outcomes for the most frequent scenarios that can arise during business and personal negotiations.  

This Audio Learning Program includes the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Instructions on How to Properly Use the Phrases, Scripts, and Questioning Techniques
  • Preparing and Planning for a Negotiation: The Importance of Using Phrases to Get Information
  • Dealing with Decision Makers, Influencers, and Gatekeepers in a Negotiation
  • How to Deal with the Use of the Word No in a Negotiation and the Importance of Walk-Away Power
  • The Importance of Using the Terms Proposal and Counterproposal in a Negotiation
  • Key Phrases to Help You "Broaden the Scope" of a Negotiation
  • Key Phrases, Scripts, and Questioning Techniques to Address the Use of Time Pressure and Information Power
  • Gambit and Countergambit "Money Phrases"
  • Using Forensic Blueprinting® Questions in a Negotiation
  • Concluding Remarks

Improve Your Negotiating Skills and Achieve Greater Success  


Immediate Download – No Shipping Costs and Hassles – No Hidden Fees and Duties

Secrets of Power Negotiating® Personality Type and Corresponding Negotiating Style Assessment PDF Download 

When negotiating, it’s important to realize that you may not be negotiating with people who have the same personality type and negotiating style as you.  Therefore, in order to become a more effective Power Negotiator, it’s essential that you learn more about your personality type and your corresponding negotiating style in order to deal more effectively with the people on the other side of any negotiation.  

This questionnaire, self-assessment, and interpretation information regarding the results will be valuable as you listen to the corresponding audio content that addresses personality types and corresponding negotiating styles on the Audio Learning Program. 

As part of the Power Negotiator Toolkit Audio Learning Program, we have designed and developed these tools in an accessible Adobe PDF format that is compatible in both Windows PC and Apple Mac operating systems.  We have even provided a link to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. 

Print a black and white copy of the questionnaire and the related information.  Then invest approximately 45 minutes to complete the questionnaire and self-assessment, tabulate the results, and then read the corresponding interpretation information in order to learn more about the primary and secondary personality types – as well as the corresponding negotiating styles – in order to improve your knowledge of and interactions with others during negotiations. 

Remember, this is not a test.  There are no right or wrong personality types.  By the end of this assessment and after reading the interpretation of your results, you should have a better understanding of yourself and how you can best relate and adapt to others during all your negotiations. 

Improve Your Negotiating Skills and Achieve Greater Success